Introducing Our Affordable, Comprehensive Job Portal CMS Solution with iOS and Android Apps

Product Description

Discover a cost-effective, all-in-one job portal software solution that includes powerful CMS capabilities and fully-featured iOS and Android apps. With our competitively priced package, you can launch your job portal within 24 hours and start connecting employers with job seekers efficiently.

Our job portal solution offers:

  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for streamlined job portal administration
  • Responsive, modern design for seamless user experience across devices
  • iOS and Android apps to extend your reach and engage users on the go
  • Rapid 24-hour delivery to get your job portal up and running quickly
  • 12 months of dedicated call support via our exclusive support app, ensuring smooth operations and prompt assistance when needed
  • Invest in our comprehensive job portal solution to unlock the potential of the growing online job market. Boost your platform's visibility and reach a broader audience with our SEO-friendly features designed to optimize search engine rankings.

Don't miss this opportunity to launch a powerful, user-friendly job portal that delivers exceptional value and performance. Get started today and experience the

    Job Seeker

    • Free Registration
    • Created Profile
    • Edit profile
    • Create Online Resume
    • Add Projects
    • Add Experience
    • Add Education
    • Add Skills
    • Add Languages
    • Upload Resume
    • Apply On Jobs
    • Search Jobs
    • Job Alerts
    • Manage Applied Jobs
    • Mark Job As Favourite
    • Filter Jobs
    • View Companies
    • Applied Job Alert


    • Free Registration
    • Created Profile
    • Edit Profile
    • Employer Packages
    • Post Jobs
    • Manage Posted Jobs
    • Edit Or Delete Jobs
    • Manage Applied Candidates
    • Shortlist Candidates
    • Manage Shortlised candidates
    • View Candidates Profile
    • Download Resumes

    ADMINISTRATOR: can manage whole website:

    • Admin Users
    • Manage Jobs
    • Manage Companies
    • Manage Seekers
    • Manage Content Pages
    • Manage Blog
    • Manage Testimonials
    • Manage Site Languages
    • Manage locations
    • Manage Employer Packages
    • Manage Seeker Packages
    • Manage Site Settings
    • Manage Job Attributes
    • Manage Language
    • Manage Layout
    • Manage Theme controller
    • Manage Mail Template
    • Manage Membership Plan

Item details

Version 2.1
Category 9
Release date 2022-09-01
Latest update 2022-09-09
Included files script
Compatible browsers all
Software html, css, bootstrap, javascript, php, laravel
Authors instaawork
High resolution Yes

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