Affordable, Feature-Rich CMS Multi-Vendor eCommerce Solution with Mobile Apps and 12-Month Support

Product Description

Looking for a cost-effective, ready-to-launch multi-vendor eCommerce solution that comes with iOS and Android apps? Look no further! Our comprehensive CMS multi-vendor eCommerce platform is competitively priced and can be delivered within just 24 hours, giving you a quick and efficient way to kickstart your online business.

Our platform is designed with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring your website is primed for search engine visibility and ready to attract organic traffic. Key features of our solution include:

  1. User-friendly interface: Easily manage products, vendors, orders, and more with an intuitive admin dashboard.
  2. Customizable design: Tailor your website's appearance to match your brand identity with flexible design options.
  3. Responsive layout: Deliver an optimal shopping experience across all devices with a mobile-friendly design.
  4. Integrated iOS and Android apps: Extend your online presence with native mobile apps that sync seamlessly with your website.
  5. Advanced search and filters: Help customers find products quickly and easily with powerful search and filtering capabilities.
  6. Secure payment gateways: Offer multiple, secure payment options to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.
  7. Inventory management: Keep track of stock levels and manage product listings with ease.
  8. Vendor management: Oversee and manage your vendors effectively through a centralized system.

Plus, enjoy 12 months of on-call support through our exclusive private app, ensuring any questions or issues you encounter are swiftly resolved by our dedicated team of experts.

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●       Main slider available 

●       multiple products banner 

●       Features product

●       Best selling product

●       Category wise product show

●       Flash Deal product

●       Top Category

●       Top Brands

●       Beautiful footer Design

●       Top offer banner


●       Instant show related product on the search

●       Search result page with listing all matched entries with navigation

●       After select any one of the list, goes to the Entry detailed page

●       Display the Entry detail page


●       The page is designed with the list of products

●       Each product is show with an image and the basic information like

●       Product name

●       Price

●       Discount

●       Size

●       Color


●       Quick Look

●       Product Information

●       Specification

●       Add to cart

●       Buy now

●       Others


●       User can click the buy now button, it will added in their cart

●       Again giving option for continue shopping or go to check out

●       Check out page process, showing the cart item list

●       User can update / delete the Items from the shopping cart

●       Shipping methods select page

●       Billing information collect page

●       Payment Method select page

●       Order confirmation page

●       Shopping Cart with product images and editable quantities

●       Estimated shipping cost and tax before check-out

●       Ability to choose delivery modes in check-out


●       The footer menu mainly consists of

●       About us

●       Privacy policy

●       Returns Policy

●       Terms and conditions


●       User Registration with specific fields like Name, Email, Mobile No, Password

●       User Login with Email and Password

●       Recovery Password Option


●       After login user can view their profile page

●       User can edit the profile details.

●       User can change the password.

●       The profile page has the following options

●       My accounts

●       My orders

●       My wish lists

Item details

Category 9
Compatible browsers all
Software HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Laravel, Mysql
High resolution No