News portal for your business

Product Description

Newsportal is a versatile CMS script designed for creating responsive news and blog portals. Its visually appealing front-end interface is bound to captivate visitors, while the feature-rich backend makes it an ideal choice for modern and professional news websites. The admin panel is user-friendly, allowing for various tasks to be accomplished without requiring any knowledge of programming languages.

The CMS is developed using Laravel framework. This design makes it easy for developers to customize the CMS to their specific needs. Newsportal is also equipped with robust security features that safeguard against SQL injection and XSS attacks, ensuring that your website remains secure. Moreover, admin level security and invalid page URL submission checking are implemented across all pages for added security.

Item details

Category 9
Compatible browsers all
Software HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Laravel, Mysql
Authors instaawork
High resolution No