Daily Milk Delivery Mobile App with Subscription

Product Description


A milk delivery mobile app, which allows users to receive milk and other dairy goods straight to their home, is the most recent competitor in this on-demand market. Through the admin dashboard, the owners may access all of the system's records and manage client, product, and billing information with the use of this milk delivery app system. The process of producing and distributing milk takes a very long time. We've simplified things for everyone. After carefully examining each stage of the process, from manufacture to delivery, we created a special milk delivery app with an imaginative UI/UX.

Subscription Model

Enabling customers to set up recurring orders while they relax and take advantage of the convenience of having different subscription plans available—such as daily, weekly, monthly, or alternative day—for those who just need milk and a separate one for those who order a variety of milk products is a great feature.

What’s included:

- Customer Android App Source Code
- Delivery Boy App Source Code
- Admin Panel PHP Script Source Code
- Database file 

Daily Milk Delivery – Admin Features:

  • Admin can see the Total Products, Total Banner, Total Delivery Boy, Total Collection, Total Coupon, Total Deliveries, Total Users, Total Normal Pending Order, Total Normal Cancelled Order, Total Normal Completed Order, Total Subscribe Pending Order, Total Subscribe Cancelled Order, Total Subscribe Completed Order, Total Normal Order Sales, Total Subscribe Order Sale
  • Admin can create unlimited Pin code
  • Admin can create unlimited App home banners 
  • Admin can create unlimited Product with Product Image, Product title, Product Discount, Product Status, Product Price, Product Subscription Price
  • Admin can create unlimited Timeslot
  • Admin can create unlimited Coupon Code
  • Admin can create unlimited Delivery Boy
  • Admin can create unlimited Promotional Notification for customer & delivery boy 
  • Admin can check Normal Pending Order List, Cancelled Order List & Completed Order List where order can accept or reject and Assign to delivery boy 
  • Admin can check Customer Information & Details
  • Admin can sent the push notification
  • Admin can mange Customer Wallet & Cash management
  • Admin can check Wallet log
  • Admin can manage edit or change the status or payment method dynamically
  • Admin can change Setting for Payment Method: Cash on Delivery (COD), Razorpay
  • Admin can change Setting for the username and password for admin panel
  • Admin can change Setting for currency($,₹,€,£,¥ etc)
  • Admin can change Setting for Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
  • Fast, Optimized and Powerful admin
  • Beautiful UI
  • High Quality
  • Easy configuration

Customer App Features

  • Easy to Sign up & Sign in with Mobile Number Verification OTP
  • Sign in with Mobile number
  • App Home screen product and category managed by admin
  • Product Details with Images and Product Description
  • Easy to Add to cart and Orders
  • User friendly Payment Gateway(Pickup Myself, Cash on Delivery (COD), Razorpay)
  • Instant Notification for Any Seasonal Offer
  • User can proceed Multiple Normal order
  • User can proceed Multiple Subscription order with Quantity Per Day, Repeat (Daily, Weekdays, Weekends), Recharge Deliveries(For subscription total number of days user required item to doorstep delivery), Subscription Start Date, Subscription time
  • User can Skip Days for Vacation mode (If user specific days skip it then all those skip days order money refunded to wallet)
  • - User can Extend Days for Vacation mode (If user specific days Extend it then all selected days extended to next calendar day)
  • User can add / update Multiple Address
  • User can update profile anytime
  • User can check order tracking status with Pending, Processing & Complete or Cancelled
  • User can check all order details info
  • User can cancel the normal order
  • User can User Coupons code
  • User can Use Wallet or Refill Wallet Balance
  • User can check Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
  • User can check Notification
  • User can change the Forget Password with Mobile OTP verification
  • User received notification once the order Received, Accepted, Process & Delivered
  • Easy and Understand Design

Delivery Boy App Features

  • Delivery boy can login with mobile number
  • Delivery boy can check all the Normal Pending order / Running order / Completed order list and details
  • Delivery boy can check all the Subscription Pending order / Running order / Completed order list and details
  • Delivery boy can accept or reject the order
  • Delivery boy can cancel the order for reason like Issue with on going order, Payment issue with my order, Address wrong, other
  • Delivery boy can contact the order person with mobile number dial-up
  • Delivery boy can pull to refresh all orders
  • Delivery boy can check all the notification
  • Delivery boy can check profile and update the details anytime
  • Delivery boy can change status with active or inactive
  • Delivery boy can check the Order completed, Total Sales and Cancel order statics(insight)
  • Delivery boy received notification once the admin assign the new orders
  • Delivery boy accept/delivered the order user get notification
  • User friendly and Unique UI

Item details

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